Where is the All in the Family Set?

The show is set in the Astoria section of Queens, with the vast majority of scenes taking place in the Bunkers’ home at 704 Hauser Street.

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Subsequently, question is, is All in the Family reruns on TV? TV LAND TO KICK OFF `ALL IN THE FAMILYRERUNS WITH ONE OF ITS PILOTS. Classic series channel TV Land will kick off its acquisition of the groundbreaking 1971 comedy “All in the Family” with the first-ever full airing of one of the three pilots for the show on Oct. 5 at 9 p.m.

In respect to this, why was all in the family Cancelled?

For CBS’ 1979-80 season, the characters moved to a new series called Archie Bunker’s Place. Edith’s health problems in the final episode of All in the Family are a precursor to her death from a stroke on Archie Bunker’s Place. Jean Stapleton appeared in some early season one episodes but decided to leave late in 1979.

Is all in the family on Netflix?

Netflix’s Latest Shows Are All In The Family. On Thursday, the company announced that it would be partnering with Scholastic to bring more children’s television shows. Multiple seasons of many Scholastic TV shows, including “Harry the Dirty Dog” and “Danny the Dinosaur,” will be available to stream.

Where can I watch the original all in the family?

Currently you are able to watch “All in the Family” streaming on Crackle or buy it as download on Apple iTunes.

What happened to Stephanie on All in the Family?

Brisebois started her work on the series during the 9th season as Stephanie Mills, Archie and Edith’s 9-year-old, Jewish niece. Stephanie was abandoned on the doorstep of the Bunker home by her alcoholic father. She was a very talented singer and applied to art schools but was turned down because of her poor grades.

Is anyone from All in the family still alive?

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers are the main cast members who are still alive and remain active entertainers. There are also supporting players like Danielle Brisebois and James Cromwell, who found greater success after the show was cancelled, and who continue to act.

Does Edith die on All in the Family?

Edith’s Death Archie’s worst nightmare came true in 1980, on the All in the Family continuation series Archie Bunker’s Place, when Edith died (off-camera) of a stroke in the 1-hour second season premiere, “Archie Alone,” which originally aired on CBS on November 2, 1980.

Why did Jean Stapleton leave Archie Bunker’s Place?

All In The Family lived on in Archie Bunker’s Place. But Edith did not. When Stapleton decided to move on after season nine, CBS requested that O’Connor continue without her. Brisebois and Melvin remained with the new show and Stapleton appeared in a handful of episodes until Edith dies (off-camera) from a stroke.

What are the 7 spin offs of All in the Family?

Here are the shows that make up the Archie Bunker Extended Universe a.k.a. The Bunker-Verse! All In The Family (1971–1979 — 205 episodes plus two un-aired pilots) Maude (1972–1978 — 141 episodes plus pilot on All In The Family) Good Times (1974–1979 — 133 episodes)

How did the show All in the family end?

All in the Family ended more than 20 years ago, on March 25, 1979, but the characters continued on in a new series, Archie Bunker’s Place, in the Fall of 1979. Edith’s death is foreshadowed a bit in the series finale of All in the Family. In “Too Good Edith,” Archie calls on his wife to help cook the food for the St.

What happened on the last episode of Archie Bunker’s Place?

April 4, 1983

Was Edith in Archie Bunker’s Place?

Jean Stapleton continued to play Archie’s wife Edith Bunker when Archie Bunker’s Place premiered. The show featured Edith five times during the first 14 episodes of the first season, but Stapleton decided to leave the series late in 1979; her character was referred to but unseen during most of the 1979–1980 season.

What TV show has the most spin offs?

Parent series Spin-off series All in the Family (1971–1979) Maude (1972–78) The Jeffersons (1975–85) Archie Bunker’s Place (1979-1983) Gloria (1982–83) 704 Hauser (1994) All Over the Place (2011–present) All Over the Workplace (2016–present) The All Star Comedy Show (2004) Monkey Trousers (2005)

Can I watch All in the Family Live on demand?

Those with Hulu Live TV can watch Live in Front of a Studio Audience in real-time through the streaming platform, however, those with standard subscriptions will have to wait until after the show airs to catch it On-Demand.

Will all in the family be on Hulu?

The full program is available to stream on Hulu, so the feel-good nostalgia is only a click away. For those without a Hulu subscription, you can test out the service with a free 30 day trial. If you have a cable provider, you can also stream the hour-long event by logging in at ABC.com.

Is crackle free?

Crackle TV is a completely free streaming service owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. The service features movies, TV and original programming that rotate on a monthly basis. While there are ads, it’s hard to complain about the price tag of $0. I’m typically wary of free products, but Crackle TV is top notch.

Why did Archie Bunker wear his wedding ring on his middle finger?

A: O’Connor, who played Archie Bunker on “All in the Family” from 1971-79, wore his grandfather’s diamond ring on the middle finger of his right hand for sentimental reasons, “People” reported in 1975. Bunker said in 1972 that he had his wedding ring sized to fit his middle finger for “balance.”

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