How many MYP humanities key concepts are there?

The MYP identifies 16 key concepts to be explored across the curriculum.

These key concepts provide a framework for language and literature, informing units of work and helping to organize teaching and learning.

  • Communication. Communication is the exchange or transfer of signals, facts, ideas and symbols.
  • Connections.
  • Creativity.
  • Perspective.

Similarly, what are related concepts? Related Concepts are subject-specific ideas that are concepts that will be important each year of a student’s study. Teachers select one or more related concepts per unit to extend learning, develop deeper understanding, and create different perspectives on the larger key concept.

In this regard, what are the IB concepts?

Here are some ideas from author Brad Philpot to get your learners thinking about the seven key concepts: communication, creativity, perspective, representation, identity, culture and transformation.

What are MYP subject groups?

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) comprises eight subject groups: Language acquisition. Language and literature. Individuals and societies. Sciences.

What is a key concept?

Key Concepts: ideas and terms that are central to the main points of the text. These concepts may be expressed in signal words or phrases. Sometimes the author will define or characterize key concepts. Some concepts must be interpreted from their role in the text.

What are key concepts in English?

What are key concepts? Key concepts are the ideas and understandings that we hope will remain with our students long after they have left school and have forgotten much of the detail. Key concepts sit above context but find their way into every context.

What is ATL in IB?

ATL are deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment. ATL are intrinsically linked with the IB learner profile attributes to enhance student learning and assist student preparation for life after high school.

How do you identify key concepts in reading?

Identify these from the paragraph: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How and list them. Then write a sentence or two using these terms. That can get you the main idea. Read the paragraph, then think of a question you could ask that would be answered by that paragraph. The question will be the main concept.

What is personal and cultural expression?

Personal and cultural expression explores the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

What are audience imperatives?

Audience imperatives An umbrella concept to refer to whomever (the reader, the listener, the viewer) a text or performance is aimed at, and the characteristics, impact or desired responses created.

What is the IB learner profile?

The IB learner profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes. It is a set of ideals that we use as inspiration, motivation and focus for our teaching and work in general. They acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning.

What is a statement of inquiry?

“this statement (of inquiry) expresses the relationship between concepts and context; it represents a transferable idea supported by factual content. The statement of inquiry: represents a contextualized, conceptual understanding. describes a complex relationship that is worthy of inquiry.

What are the transdisciplinary skills?

Transdisciplinary Skills Thinking Skills. (Acquisition of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, dialectical thought and metacognition) Social Skills. Communication Skills. Self-Management Skills. Research Skills.

What is PYP teaching?

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an educational programme managed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) for students aged 3 to 12. The subject areas of the PYP are language, social studies, mathematics, science and technology, arts, and personal, social and physical education.

How can I become IB certified teacher in India?

To earn an IB certificate, there are three requirements. Firstly, you should possess a teaching license. Secondly, you must have completed a graduate degree program in the subject area you desire to teach and lastly, you must have at least three years of experience as a classroom teacher.

What is an IB program in schools?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a worldwide, nonprofit education program founded to give all students the opportunity to receive an education fit for a globalizing world. There are four IB education programs, all of which are intended to develop students’ intellectual, emotional, personal and social skills.

What are the PYP attributes?

PYP Attitudes and Attributes Inquirers. Knowledgeable. Thinkers. Communicators. Principled. Open-Minded. Caring. Risk-takers.

How do we express ourselves central ideas?

How We Express Ourselves: Inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.