How do you use deviation in a sentence?

Examples of deviation in a Sentence

To calculate the standard deviation of those numbers:

  1. Work out the Mean (the simple average of the numbers)
  2. Then for each number: subtract the Mean and square the result.
  3. Then work out the mean of those squared differences.
  4. Take the square root of that and we are done!

Secondly, what do you mean by deviation? In mathematics and statistics, deviation is a measure of difference between the observed value of a variable and some other value, often that variable’s mean. The sign of the deviation reports the direction of that difference (the deviation is positive when the observed value exceeds the reference value).

Also to know, how do you use preclude in a sentence?

Sentence Examples

  1. We will preclude it from consideration.
  2. The listing of a book does not preclude its being reviewed at a later stage.
  3. According to the bylaws, this action precludes delegation to any committee of the Board.
  4. This law will preclude the existence of higher rights.

What is the synonym of deviate?

Choose the Right Synonym for deviate Verb. swerve, veer, deviate, depart, digress, diverge mean to turn aside from a straight course. swerve may suggest a physical, mental, or moral turning away from a given course, often with abruptness.

What is deviation example?

The standard deviation measures the spread of the data about the mean value. For example, the mean of the following two is the same: 15, 15, 15, 14, 16 and 2, 7, 14, 22, 30. However, the second is clearly more spread out. If a set has a low standard deviation, the values are not spread out too much.

What is a good standard deviation?

For an approximate answer, please estimate your coefficient of variation (CV=standard deviation / mean). As a rule of thumb, a CV >= 1 indicates a relatively high variation, while a CV < 1 can be considered low. A "good" SD depends if you expect your distribution to be centered or spread out around the mean.

Can a standard deviation be negative?

No, standard deviation cannot be negative! It’s the number of data points, and we can’t have a negative number of data points. Whenever we square something, we get a non-negative number.

What is standard deviation in psychology?

Standard Deviation is a measure of variation (or variability) that indicates the typical distance between the scores of a distribution and the mean. Looking at an example will help us make sense of this. Assume a professor is interested in the satisfaction of students in her psychology class.

What is mean and standard deviation?

The standard deviation is a statistic that measures the dispersion of a dataset relative to its mean and is calculated as the square root of the variance. If the data points are further from the mean, there is a higher deviation within the data set; thus, the more spread out the data, the higher the standard deviation.

What is standard deviation in math?

Standard Deviation. The Standard Deviation is a measure of how spread out numbers are. Its symbol is σ (the greek letter sigma) The formula is easy: it is the square root of the Variance.

What is deviation in business?

deviation. General: Departure from an agreed-upon course, design, mean, or method. Contracting: Variance from a requirement or specification that does not alter the basis of a contract or adversely affects its performance. See also tailoring.

What is the antonym of preclude?

preclude. Antonyms: admit, promote, further, advance. Synonyms: prevent, obviate, bar, debar, impede, hinder.

What is the root word of preclude?

preclude (v.) 1610s, from Latin praecludere “to close, shut off; hinder, impede,” from prae “before, ahead” (see pre-) + claudere “to shut” (see close (v. )). Related: Precluded; precluding.

What does it mean to preclude something?

preclude. To preclude something is to prevent it from happening. A muzzle precludes a dog from biting. This is a very formal word, but it has a simple meaning: when something is precluded, it can’t happen.

What does immolation mean?

Immolation is what happens when something is killed or offered as a sacrifice. Immolation comes from the Latin word immolat-, meaning “sprinkled with sacrificial meal.” Immolation always involves a sacrifice or offering of some sort. The word often invokes burning, a common method of sacrifice.

What Does not precluded mean?

to prevent the presence, existence, or occurrence of; make impossible: The insufficiency of the evidence precludes a conviction. to exclude or debar from something: His physical disability precludes an athletic career for him.

What is the difference between preclude and exclude?

Although most people assume them to have the same meaning, there is a distinct difference between preclude and exclude. Preclude means to prevent something from happening or make something impossible. In contrast, exclude means to deny someone access to a place, group, or privilege, or reject or leave something out.