Are jointer planer combos any good?

Generally, jointer planer combos are helpful in completing bigger projects because the larger planer cutterhead is used for jointing as well. This helps woodworkers to joint larger pieces of wood than a singular jointer device would allow.

The 5 Best Jointer Planer Combos

  • JET 12-Inch Jointer Planer Combo – Best Overall.
  • Grizzly G0634Z Jointer/Planer Combo.
  • Jet 10-Inch Jointer/Planer Combo – Best Value.
  • RIKON 12-Inch Jointer-Planer Combo.
  • Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer Planer Combo.
  • Stand type.
  • Bed size and cutting depth.
  • Power.

Subsequently, question is, should I get a planer or a jointer? In my opinion, you should purchase the planer first. You’ll be able to accomplish more with it on its own than you can with a jointer. The jointer excels at making one flat face and one square/flat edge and that’s about it.

what can you do with a jointer planer?

One thing is for certain with surfaced wood, it will not be the same size and shape tomorrow. Sizing rough lumber requires a jointer to flatten one face, and a planer to cut the thickness. To cut the width you use a jointer to square and straighten one edge, and then rip the width on a table saw.

What is the best jointer?

5 Best Jointers – Our Reviews:

  1. Powermatic 1610086K 8-inch – Top Pick. The 1610086K is a full-sized jointer that’s built to handle a large volume of work.
  2. Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch – Best For The Money + Our Favorite Benchtop Jointer.
  4. JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer Combo.
  5. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX.

Can you use a planer as a jointer?

Woodworking jointers and planers are used to mill wood so they can be used to build furniture and other projects to correct dimensions. If your workshop doesn’t have a jointer to square up an edge or your wood piece is too large to fit through, you can use your planer to flatten both pieces of wood.

Can you use a hand planer as a jointer?

Anyway, you likely have considerably better tools in your shop to joint a board than a hand-held power planer. That’s not what they’re designed to do, and you would need to attach a long wooden bed to it in some way to make it work well as a jointer.

What size jointer should I get?

Choosing by size Without any auxiliary extensions, a jointer can comfortably handle lumber about twice as long as the bed, so bed length, along with blade size, dictates the size of material the tool can process. The smallest size useful to most woodworkers is the 6-in.

How does a planer jointer combo work?

A jointer has a bed above the cutter and a thickness planer has a bed below the cutter along with feed rollers. Functionally, they are very different. A thickness planer makes the surface being cut parallel to the opposite side. (The side contacting the bed) A jointer makes the surface being cut flat.

Why is it called a jointer?

The jointer derives its name from its primary function of producing flat edges on boards prior to joining them edge-to-edge to produce wider boards. The use of this term probably arises from the name of a type of hand plane, the jointer plane, which is also used primarily for this purpose.

Do you need a jointer?

If you need a flat reference surface on a board to start any other activity, you need a jointer. If you can acquire flat wood that is within your tolerances, you don’t. I have never found anything other than some sheet goods that was workable without establishing a flat surface.

What is the use of a wood planer?

Simply put, a wood planer is a woodworking tool, which can be used for producing boards of even thickness that also happen to be totally flat on either side.

Can you use a jointer on both sides?

You can’t make both sides parallel by running both sides across the jointer. Your process is correct. If I’m doing a panel glue up I joint both edges, but I joint the second side after it has been ripped parallel. Second, you’ll have a smooth, even surface to surface to glue to each other.

Is a thickness planer worth it?

If you really want to get into woodworking, a thickness planer is worth the cost. Once you have it, you’ll never regret the expenditure, because you’ll be in control of your stock thickness like never before.

How much does a hand planer cost?

A decent new plane will cost $40 and up at the hardware store.

How do you join two pieces of wood together?

Method 1 Making an Edge Joint Arrange your boards and mark them with chalk. Lay the boards across strips of scrap wood. Apply an even bead of glue along the edge of a board. Clamp the boards and ensure they’re flush. Wipe away excess glue after 20 minutes. Allow the glue to cure overnight.

How do you Joint wood without a jointer?

How to Straighten a Board Edge Without a Jointer Put the factory-edge piece on top of your workpiece so that the factory edge and the edge you want to straighten are on opposite sides. Set the fence on your table saw to trim off just enough wood off the workpiece to get a new edge, then place your factory-edge piece against the fence and run it through the saw.