Pat made many radio appearances in the forties and fifties, too numerous to mention here. She was the star of the Sunday program on CBS radio, "The Prudential Family Hour", which also featured baritone Earl Wrightson and pop star, Jack Smith. The show featured a varied repertoire....opera, and popular music. It also previewed the music of Broadway and the many wonderful shows on the great White Way, at the time.One of the most interesting broadcasts Pat

ever performed and perhaps one of the first of its kind, was a coast-to-coast radio program with Nelson Eddy, one of the most popular movie stars of his day. The program went transatlantic...Pat sang from a studio in New York, while Nelson Eddy sang from a studio in California. The engineers melded their voices in a duet and it was enjoyed by listeners all over the country.
During this time, Pat was also appearing at the Metropolitan Opera, doing concert tours and making personal appearances wherever she could. Since her career was in full bloom at this time, she had very little free time. "But", Pat recalls, " I loved every minute of it and I would do it again in a minute."

During the height of her fame, Pat's husband, Robert C. Schuler, produced a television show which aired on the ABC network, called "THE PATRICE MUNSEL SHOW". As the star of the show, Pat got to do a variety of music...opera, classical concert music, pop tunes, minstrel music and musical comedy shows. The show was an instant success.

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