THE PATRICE MUNSEL SHOW was on the ABC Television Network from October, 1957 to June, 1958, and featured a great many of the top stars of its day.

Highly acclaimed by critics, its Executive producer was Robert C. Schuler, one of the foremost producers and writers in the entertainment industry. Way ahead of its time, it was the stepping stone for many of today's well-known personalities and each week featured a guest artist who performed along with a differnt story line.

Miss Munsel sang musical numbers ranging from opera to Broadway, as well as light classical music and folk tunes.

Larry Gelbart, the now famous playwright of a myriad of hits, such as MASH, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, etc. wrote the show, along with Sheldon Kellor.

Music was arranged by Academy Award winner, Irv Kostal, and the director of the shows was Clark Jones. Imero Fiorentino was also on the roster, as well as award winner, Danny Daniels who did the choreography.

The ongoing backup singers were The Martins, led by famous songwriter Hugh Martin and famed couturier, Arnold Scassi designed many of the gowns that Miss Munsel wore each week.

All of the shows were filmed on kinescope. Each show is a classic...entertaining and unique...and Miss Munsel's musical numbers were a highlight of each show.
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