In the late 1950's, Pat's husband, Robert C. Schuler, produced a revue for Pat in the great superstar theater-restaurants of Las Vegas, The New Frontier Hotel. Pat's co-star was John Reardon, who went on to stardom at the Met. The show was a big hit and received publicity spreads in "Life" and "Look" magazines.
With the use of some special material, the stage was split in two. One side was devoted to popular music and the other to the classics. Arnold Scaasi, who had not become famous as the genius of American couture designed fabulous gowns for Pat and she looked sensational. The show sold out every performance and brought raves from the critics. They said that she was one of the only classical artists who could successfully make the transition from classical music to pop.Pat did another show at Vegas, but due to other commitments, had to play limited engagements...all successful and fun.
She doesn't regret her Las Vegas days and thought the excitement and success of the shows one of the highlights of her career.
Pat was performing on one of the THEATRE GUILD's cruises, when Philip Langner, the head of the Theatre Guild, and his wife, Armina Marshall, decided to bring the show to Broadway. The cast was stupendous. On board and in the cast were luminaries like: Cyril Ritchard, Larry Kert, Lillian Gish, John Raitt and

Tammy Grimes, plus others, also in show business. The show was so successful on board ship that Mr. Langner was sure it would be a big hit. The show was called "A MUSICAL JUBILEE". It was directed by Morton DaCosta and played at the St. James Theatre off Times Square. It had a respectable run and Pat enjoyed doing Broadway a great deal. Unfortunately, as far as we know, the cast never recorded the music, which is a shame, because the performances by Pat and some of the show business's most famous legends should have been saved for posterity.