Patrice Munsel's successful career has encompassed all aspects of show business. Aside from her fifteen years starring at the Metropolitan Opera, her concerts, radio and television guest appearances, her own TV show on ABC Television (The Patrice Munsel Show), her Las Vegas appearances and her radio show, "The Prudential Family Hour", Patrice has starred in a number of musical comedy shows.

Prominent among them are: "The King and I", "I Do, I Do", "Song of Norway", "The Sound of Music", "Applause", "A Little Night Music", "My Fair Lady", "Kismet", "The Merry Widow"(which broke all box office records at Lincoln Center during that time), "Hello Dolly" and one of her favorites-"Mame".

Alvin Kline, theatre critic for the New York Times, after reviewing one of her "Mame" performances wrote:

"There are musicals that demand a star, but could live without one. And, of course, there are musicals with no such requirement. And then there is a musical like "Mame", a terminal case of star dependency.

Connecticut's Broadway Theatre in Darien is lucky to have Patrice Munsel to hold up and maneuver the show.
....Miss Munsel is a singular exception. Tempermentally right for the role, she exudes an intrinsic sense of subtle, camp and sly wit. One believes her clarion call, "Live!". With echoes of a rich, operatic voice that negotiates the songs more pliantly than any "Mame" in this theatergoer's experience and a presence that validates the title song - a tribute to a lady who doesn't have to do much more than be there, though this on adeptly joins in the silly, high-kicking dance number - Miss Munsel is an entitled keeper of the musical's lifeline.
....That's hardly enough to turn a warmed-over musical into a real banquet, but with Miss Munsel in command, "Mame" shows some semblance of living."

How true that is! Miss Munsel is "Mame"